Monday, November 02, 2015


Well, the big news around here is that Henri got adopted on Saturday.  Yippee!  Still got three more kittens in the foster room, so I won't be short of fosters any time soon. Although I do have to do an adoption event this coming Saturday, so who knows?

I fell off the ladder the weekend before last and landed right on my tailbone.  After yelling from the pain loud enough that one of the cats came running to see what was going on, I laid there for a while taking stock before getting back on my feet.  I felt like the "Help, I've fallen and I can't get up!" lady, and briefly contemplated buying one of those button thingies.  For future ladder f*ckups.

Because Halloween was on a Saturday, I put together a hundred goody bags, and then stopped and bought a couple more bags of candy, just in case. ("Just in case", meaning, "to insure that I have enough left over for me to eat."  I think last year I was still eating Halloween leftovers at Christmas, which is as it should be.)  In the end, I got about sixty kids, so yeah, I've got a wee bit of candy left over.

I've been having dreams lately (I know, I KNOW) where I'm heading for the bathroom, and then I wake up and I actually have to go.  It's like my dream-brain is shaking my body, going, "Wake up!  WAKE UP!  YOU'VE GOTTA GO!"  Hopefully my dream-brain will continue to provide this useful service.

Starting today it's going to be almost dark out when I leave work, which ... yuck.  Hardly bears contemplating.

I've been enjoying Below Deck, that Bravo reality show, because one of the people on it (Rocky, I'm looking at YOU) is batsh*t crazy.  Is anybody else watching that one?

and speaking of crazy, I am ... flabbergasted that Ben Carson is currently beating Donald Trump in the polls.  Crazier, meet craziest.  Holy cow.


Domestic Kate said...

Be careful on the ladder, seriously. I had a friend several years ago end up in a wheelchair after taking a fall in his backyard. Put me off doing anything like that. During times when I've lived alone, I've sometimes contemplated getting one of those life alert buttons too. Why the hell not?

As for the mornings, isn't it lighter now in the morning, not darker? What used to be 8:00 is now 7:00, so 7:00 looks like 8:00 (it looks later in the day). I can never get that right ... and that's with me going in to work this morning so I should have noticed (it was raining so it was extra dark).

rockygrace said...

Kate, yeah, a friend of mine freaked out when she heard about the "ladder incident". We've decided that we should be chore buddies and spot each other when we're doing something potentially life-threatening. Which, in my case, includes getting more than two feet off the ground.

And it's dark when I leave work, not when I leave FOR work. Just to clarify. :) Although pretty soon it'll be dark both ways, but I prefer not to think about that right now.

spiffikins said...

OMG yes, Below Deck is a hoot! That Rocky is seriously insane - I think she SEES things too given how often she is rolling her eyes heavenward and staring off into space? Leon the chef is too big for his britches! I would never have guessed I'd be Team Kate, but she's held her temper far longer than I would have :)

And I know what you mean by those dreams - I routinely have dreams where I am fruitlessly searching for a working toilet - I find FILTHY ones, I find stalls where the toilet has been removed, I find all kinds of things - but my subconscious puts all kinds of speedbumps in my dreams until I wake up and walk to my OWN.

rockygrace said...

spiff, I was SO GLAD that ol' Leon got the boot last week. Dick. Well, at least now he can catch up on his SLEEP. And when Rocky dove off the boat I was kinda hoping she'd keep on swimming ... and YES, the staring at the ceiling is just ... hahaha. Kate can be icy and bitchy but at least she gets the JOB done.

oh my God I love that show. Supposedly this week the guests are supposed to be women from one of the Real Housewives franchises? Should be epic.