Monday, November 09, 2015


On Saturday, the rescue did an adoption event at a local Tractor Supply.  We don't do same-day adoptions, but some of the kittens had pre-approved applications and were there to go to their new homes, and other kittens came along for the exposure.

Hey, guys, let's go on a road trip!

Taffy was adopted, and that little girl was just over the moon that she was going to have a kitten of her very own:

Gus was adopted, too!  He went to his new home with Blaizley, a one-eyed kitten from the rescue (that's Gus curled up in the woman's arms, there):

 On Sunday, their new folks sent me a picture - I'd say they're settling in just fine:

The rescue took lots more applications on other kittens and cats, which are in the process of being reviewed to make sure everybody goes to suitable homes.

But we had a little problem.  Since Gus and Taffy BOTH went home, that would leave little Georgia all alone at Foster Camp.  Hmmmm ... what to do ...

Meet Dean Winchester!  He came from another foster home, and he'll be staying at my place to keep Georgia company.  Georgia is more than a bit miffed that nobody asked HER about the whole thing, and she's been hissing and growling, but she did that when Taffy joined us, too, and calmed down after a day or two.

So!  On Saturday morning, the Foster Campers were Gus, Taffy and Georgia.  By Saturday night, the Campers were Georgia and Dean.  Big changes at Foster Camp!


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

YAY for all the adoptions

Random Felines said...

love hearing about adoptions. welcome to the newbie!!

rockygrace said...

I love doing in-store events. Sometimes people need to have an adorable kitten right in front of them to get them thinking, "hmmmm ... we should get a cat!" And while our rescue doesn't do same-day adoptions (to avoid the whole "impulse purchase" problem, and to give us time to review applications), we always get people coming in to the shelter in the days after an event, saying, "I saw you at X store last Saturday, and I can't stop thinking about adopting a cat now!" Works out great.