Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Yet another jam-packed weekend in RockyCatlandia

So!  Saturday was carpet-ripping day.  But I did lots of other stuff this past weekend as well:

I bought some corned beef hash because I'd never had it, and I thought it would be ... like hash browns?  Yeah, THAT was a nasty surprise when I opened up the can.  Do people actually eat that stuff?  Because I wouldn't even give it to the cats.  Straight in the trash can.  That sh*t ain't right.

I got home from work on Friday to discover that SOMETHING had chewed most of the bark off the bottom two feet of one of my brand-new baby willow trees.  Son of a B*TCH!  Can the tree be saved?  I do not know.  Whatever went to town on it (deer, I'm looking at YOU) did not manage to totally gird it, so I'm hoping like heck that it might recover.  In the meantime, I stapled aluminum window screening (sometimes it helps to never, ever throw anything away) around the trunks of all three of the new trees.  Chew through THAT, a**hole deer.  Gah. 

I was driving out in the sticks when I saw a calf in someone's driveway.  Why on earth would somebody have a calf in their driveway, I pondered as I slowed down to get a better look.  Turns out it wasn't a cow; it was a dog!  Dogzilla!  It was the biggest damn dog I've ever seen in my life - thing was HUGE.  Judging by the look, it was part Rottie, part Shepherd, and part Incredible Hulk.  Thankfully I was driving by the house and not walking - I think I would have had a heart attack.

I was supposed to do all kinds of chores on Sunday.  But by the time I got home from the grocery store early in the afternoon, it was gorgeous.  Sunny and in the 50s.  So I looked at my to-do list.

Raking leaves ... can wait.
Mowing ... can wait.
Washing the windows ... can wait.
Planting the daffodil bulbs?  Well, maybe I can get to that when I get back, because it's too nice of a day not to hit the woods.

There is a snake in this next picture.  Shhh, don't tell anybody ...

Tune in next time for Jones Park Part II: the Stones of Jones.


Mama D said...

Northern water snake? *shudder*

rockygrace said...

Nah, this one wasn't toting a catfish. :)

I think it was a plain ol' garter snake - there were a lot of them on the trails Sunday, soaking up the sun.

James P. said...

I suspect that if you tried homemade corned beef hash (would a diner offer that?), it would be worlds away from the canned version. Don't know.

rockygrace said...

Ginny, actually, I can't find anyone who has tried corned beef hash in any way, shape, or form. AND NOW I KNOW WHY.

Mama D said...

If you like corned beef, hash can be delicious. I use leftover corned beef (diced into small pieces) sauteed with onions, red bell peppers, and small cubes of potato. Yum!

rockygrace said...

Mama D, that sounds good! And totally unlike what was in that can.