Thursday, October 02, 2014

The road home

I had my camera with me at work the other day, and I thought I'd take some pics of my commute home.  (Yes, I stopped the car to take each pic.  Well, mostly. No, there was no one behind me.  Sheesh.)

After leaving the office, it only takes a few minutes to get out in the sticks.  There are horses in that field below - can you spot them? 

Out in the Counnnnnntry ... (anybody remember that song? No?  Just me? O-kay.)

This house has been abandoned for YEARS.  Somebody used to come and mow the lawn a few times a summer, but they haven't even done that for a while.

Abandoned houses always make me wonder:  What would make someone just ... walk away?

The old guy that owns this next house on the left is fanatical about keeping the leaves off his lawn.  He's out there with the leaf blower almost every time I drive by.  He's fighting a losing battle:

This is the field where I saw a white deer once - no lie:

There are lots of things to see along the way - I'll have to bring my camera more often.

And here it is - the street where I live:

Home again. 


Domestic Kate said...

Is it weird that this post makes me feel homesick? For a place I called home for only a few years?

rockygrace said...

Awww, Kate, I'm still sorry I never got to know you while you were here.

But yeah, I think you can get homesick for anywhere. Especially at certain times of year.