Monday, October 06, 2014

Johnson Museum

First off, thank you for all of your awesome advice in the comments of the last post!  Feel free to keep it coming.  (Theoretically, of course. Heh.)  Oh, and I have another question!  What about cell phones?  I've heard about people who used their cells in Europe and ended up with insane phone bills - is it the same way in the Caribbean?  Is there a work-around?

Saturday was a rainy day, so I headed up to the Herbert F. Johnson Museum for a visit.  (And goddammit, Kate, thanks to you, I am incapable of typing "Johnson Museum" without chuckling.)

There was a light show displayed on the underside of the overhang - these lights would flash across in all different configurations - I'll bet it's really cool at night:

 I like the old stuff the best:

 The open storage section is really neat:

 I always have to stop and say hi to the horse:

And of course, the views have to be, well, viewed:

 Yesterday, it was still mostly cloudy, but at least it wasn't raining, so I went for a walk.  Autumn in New York, in one easy picture.


the queen said...

Is the same in the Caribbean. We always call the company, get set up for roaming, then turn it off after we're back. But be sure and make sure they turn it off after.

~~Silk said...

I always enjoy your photo posts.

rockygrace said...

queen, thanks for the heads up. I feel kind of silly, like a hayseed, asking these questions, and I'm glad you guys are here for me.

and ~~Silk, I'm glad you like the photos! Oh, and sadly, looks like Barbados may be off the list - hotel costs are reasonable, but because I live in a backwater, I'd have to take so many flights to get there, the airfare would be prohibitive. Unless I wanted to drive to Newark to catch a flight, which ... no.