Friday, November 04, 2011


After years of pinching pennies until they squealed, I am finally beginning to be able to spend money on things that are not absolute necessities without going through a massive guilt trip. This is worrisome. I sure hope I don't end up at the track, blowing my life savings on the ponies.

Highly recommended: Hell on Heels by the Pistol Annies. Both the song and the CD. I'm no big fan of country, but this is ear worm material of the best kind.

I tried watching that new reality show, Long Island Medium, about the woman who supposedly talks to dead people, and ... I just can't. God knows I do love some reality TV, but to pretend to be talking to someone's dead Uncle Bob ("He wants you to go to the salon more often!") just seems cruel.

And speaking of reality TV, I was sad to learn that The Little Couple's surrogate mom had a miscarriage. The Little Husband seems like kind of a douche, but I was sorry for The Little Wife, who appears to be a sweetie-pie.

And because I seemingly cannot STOP speaking about reality TV, am I the only one who thinks Nineteen Kids and Totally Insane would be a much better show if they would just lose Jim Bob? Just ... drive him out into the woods and drop him off or something.

Coming trends: Mermaids. Barn swallows. Trapper hats. Trust me.

For two cents I'd skip putting up a Christmas tree this year. But I can't. I'm trapped by societal norms. *sob*

Did I tell you guys about coming home one day to find a bunch of pickup trucks in my backyard? No? This was courtesy of my neighbor B., he of driveway fame. He was trying to mow out in his backyard and got his riding lawnmower stuck. So he called one of his sons, who drove across MY yard to get to his dad's lawnmower in order to tow it out. Unfortunately, his son got his TRUCK stuck, so he called his brother, who brought over HIS pickup and drove it down my side yard. By the time I got home from work that day it looked like a mud-bog rally in my backyard. And they STILL haven't fixed the damage.

I think it's time for a new front door. The old one is starting to bug me.

Oh, man, one of my co-workers just walked in with a birthday cake his girlfriend made for him. It's red velvet. Gotta run.

How about you? Do you have any random to share?


Rob said...

You need to arrange to have a certified Arsonist burn your neighbor's house down. Look in the Yellow Pages under "Arsonists". Just be sure that they are members of the Better Business Bureau and are bonded.

rockygrace said...

You know, I like to think of myself as a pretty tolerant person (honest), but I swear these people are pushing my buttons on purpose. Maybe I'll build a fence.

fmcgmccllc said...

Like your style, I had neighbors from Hades also.

rockygrace said...

fmcgmccllc, thanks for stoppping by!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could put up a tree this year, but I don't have much room for it :( That might be the saddest part of the divorce. That should tell you something. However, I do have a balcony, so I'm thinking of going super crazy with the lights. I really just want a little Charlie Brown tree to stick in a corner just so I can put up the weird ornaments my family has given me over the years.

rockygrace said...

Kate, you could get one of those itty bitty trees that they sell at the grocery store - they're adorable! Heck, you could get three or four - one for every room. Or you could string some lights inside and hang the ornaments off the lights ...