Friday, November 11, 2011

Oh, man, I just can't let this go

So, I was talking to my boss yesterday about the whole Penn State scandal. And he was all, "Well, when Joe Paterno found out about it, he told his superiors, right? So why is he getting fired? I mean, legally, he's not responsible, right?"

Hoo boy.

And I'm getting that attitude from a LOT of people around here. (We're not that far from Penn State. Heck, my brother is a Penn State alum.) And let's not forget, those kids down in State College weren't overturning news vans because a coach is a pedophile and the University covered it up. They were rioting because their beloved JoePa got canned.

Here's the thing. If I had a neighbor who started a charitable organization to aid young men, and then one day I looked out my kitchen window and saw him giving a kid a hummer in his backyard, well ...

The shit would hit the fan.

I'd call the town cops. I'd call the county sheriff. I'd call the staties. I'd call the DA. I'd call the media. And then I'd head next door with a baseball bat. Hell, if I had a gun, I'd take that.

But here's everybody whining, "But JoePa TOLD his supervisors. He DID his duty."

Duty? Well, there's legal duty, and then there's moral responsibility, and sometimes those are the same and sometimes they aren't. But the fact remains that ol' Joe KNEW what was going on, even if he didn't actually witness it, and once he discovered that evidently the powers that be were going to cover it up, he went along. He went along, as young boys (probably) continued to be abused because he knew and he didn't do enough.

Oh, it wasn't just him. Evidently there's plenty of blame to spread around down in the ol' Happy Valley lately. LOTS of people knew what was going on, and said nothing, or told someone higher up and then let it drop.

Sometimes doing something isn't doing enough. And sometimes you have to up your game to make sure justice is done. Sometimes you have to go out on a limb, and say things that could cause you discomfort and unpopularity. Hell, maybe the crowd's going to turn on YOU. But sometimes you have to do it.

Because right is still right, and wrong is still wrong. The last time I checked, anyway.


Rob said...

You said that very well.

Anonymous said...

It is beyond DISGUSTING--worse is the 28 year old McQuery who SAW it and LEFT while a CHILD was being raped. I cannot believe his or JoePa's only responsibility was to report it to a superior (Not the legal authorities) the next day!

They all bear responsibility for ALLOWING it to continue!

Why does no one care about these kids?!?

rockygrace said...

You know, I am in no way, shape or form trying to present myself as some kind of arbiter of morals - God knows I've made some questionable decisions in the past - But to watch a child be abused and not call the cops? WHO DOES THAT?

Oh yeah, the Catholic church ...

Man, for those of you out there with little boys - you must be horrified. Knowing that every time your kid leaves your sight, he's prey for some sick f*ck in a position of "authority" - Gah. Church, school, boy scouts - it gives me the freakin' creeps.

Anonymous said...

You said best what I've been thinking. Thanks.