Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Look who came back for a visit

Remember back in October, when I was doing foster care? Well, the kittens got bigger, and restless, and they were no longer happy in my spare bedroom. Because the littlest one had not yet been leuk-tested, I couldn't let them out into the house and risk exposing Little Girl, and so they went back to the foster coordinator's home.

And then, well, Little Girl passed away. And the house was awfully, terribly quiet. Dumplin got adopted (yay!), but Samson and Delilah were still waiting for a placement. And so, until they find their forever home ...

... they're baaaaaaack!

Jeez, Deli, why so tense?:

Sammy says, "gaze into my eyes":

Welcome back, guys.


Anonymous said...

Your heart's as big as a '66 Chrysler Imperial.


rockygrace said...

Nah, Bridgett, I'm just selfish, is all. GIVE ME KITTIES!

Domestic Kate said...

I love Delilah sleeping like that! Clearly, they've been traumatized by the foster system :-) BTW, I was looking at my friend's website today, and I was reminded of you. As a side job* she's a pet photographer. She posts a few pictures of the shoots she does on her page: Mostly, they're dogs, but I thought you might it cute.

*In addition to working full time for the parks dept. and being a full-time mommy to 4 dogs, 2 cats, and a human baby!

Birdie said...

Awww! I am glad you have something to warm your heart. They thank you.

Anonymous said...

They seem to think they've found their forever home :-). Happy Thanksgiving.


Becs said...

Sammy reminds me a lot of my Dylan. Even at 11, he's still big trouble. The good kind.

rockygrace said...

Kate, Deli has the ol' "smiley face" - it cracks me up.

And Birdie, the cats are helping me more than I'm helping them, I'm pretty sure.

Kris, Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! I hope everybody had a good one.

And Becs, it's the troublemakers that steal your heart, isn't it?

Now I'm going to go make a turkey and stuffing and cranberry sauce sandwich. Gotta run ...