Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pinched Ow

In what is perhaps a bit of karmic comedy, I, possibly the laziest person on the planet, have somehow managed to exercise my way into a pinched nerve in my back.

(Of course, at the first sign of pain, I'm all, like, "Oh my God, it's cancer!" Because once you have been a smoker, "cancer" will always be your first thought when something goes wrong, health-wise. Yet another reason to not smoke.)

But anyway, yeah, pretty sure it's a pinched nerve.

F*ck you, Jillian and your thirty-day shred. We're not friends anymore.

I have had pinched nerves before, and it is NO FUN. But they never lasted more than a few days, and I knew that when the pain started to migrate around, the worst was over.

This time, it's a week in and counting.

I am sure that some if not most of this is due to the stress I've been under. I'm tighter than a piano wire, and I CANNOT seem to relax enough to start things on the mend. Combine that with the weight-lifting exercises I had been doing (evidently, not doing CORRECTLY) (not kidding, Jillian - we are THROUGH), and I am basically screwed.

Badass Nature Girl was kind enough to give me some advice on OTHER exercises (not Jillian - dear God, not Jillian) I could do that may help, and I am giving them a shot.

In the meantime, I sure could use some good drugs, if anybody's got some to spare. (KIDDING.) (Okay, not really.) (Help meeeee.)

Ouch. Jillian, I'm going to put your DVD out in the front yard and set it on fire. We are OVER.

Anybody got an ice pack to spare?


Domestic Kate said...

Would massage help? I'm all about massages!

My word verification (no kidding!): tomater

Birdie said...

I have a book (that went out of print years ago) called First Aid for Hypochondriacs. One of the things it says that everything is cancer. If you do not think this you are not a hypochondriac. The entire book is hilarious because one of the first things I think about most aches and pains that it must be cancer.

rockygrace said...

Kate, I think I am one of the few people in the world who does not enjoy massages. I don't like to be touched, so I'm guessing that's the problem. :) (That's probably also why I'm single.) (Ya think?) But if I was normal, I am sure a massage would help.

and Birdie, I just added "First Aid for Hypochondriacs" to my Amazon wish list. Thanks for the heads up!

rockygrace said...

Oh, and "tomater" is cracking me up. You say tomato ...