Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The weekend in pictures

So, there was some good stuff that happened last weekend, other than that horrifying incident on Sunday - which, if past experience is an indicator of future performance, I will be having nightmares about for years.

I went to the Herbert Johnson museum at Cornell:

I'm not really sure what "Translate Allah" means, but the museum was fantastic as always. And it's free! (Don't worry; I'm not a total rube - I put a donation in the donation box.) They have The Goose Girl there, and lots of other cool stuff.

While I was in Ithaca, I went to the Ithaca Antique Mall, and bought my Christmas presents for myself. SHUT UP. Oh! And when I got home Saturday, there were two big ol' boxes of books waiting on my porch. I did a little wriggle dance when I got out of the car and saw them.

Sunday, the deer were out in force:

Lots of turkeys were calling as well.

Stained glass:

And it's the time of year when you have to get rid of the leaves if you want to see the cats:

He's hiding in plain sight.

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