Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Pioneer Woman - I'm just like her!

Except for showing off my La Creuset cookware and my kabillion-dollar guest house renovations like The Pioneer Woman, I show off the stuff I scavenge from the side of the road!

I've been looking for some lawn furniture for the backyard. I mean, come on, it looks kind of bare:

What's that? No, no, I'm not planning on raking leaves any time soon. Up here, you just run 'em over with the lawn mower. Done!

Anyhow, back this past summer I snagged an old wicker rocker from down by the creek, but when I got it home I realized it was really pretty much past redemption. So I was beyond happy when I scored some solid wood lawn chairs from a local curb a couple of weeks back.

And then, AND THEN, imagine the happy feeling I got when I saw that the people in one of the houses up my street had put a wicker loveseat out to the curb. Oh, I wanted that loveseat. But! I was unsure of the etiquette of scrounging from the neighbors. I mean, "tacky" comes to mind.

But, well, it wasn't a next-door neighbor or anything, but still, I knew the people who lived in the wicker-loveseat-at-the-curb house, at least to say "hi" to, and I wondered if it would be weird to go, well, re-purpose their furniture.

But oh, I could not let that wicker loveseat get away! It was killing me to drive by it, day after day, all alone at the curb. And garbage day was rapidly approaching. So, last night after work, I got myself together, moseyed up the street, and rang their doorbell.

"Hi, Sue!" I said when the wife came to the door. "I see you've got a loveseat at the curb! Are you giving it away? (well, duh, but I was trying to be polite, here.) I'd love to have it for my backyard, if you don't mind!"

Boy, was I glad to get THAT little speech over with. AWK-ward! And Sue was happy to part with her no-longer-wanted loveseat, because as it turns out, she had gotten BETTER wicker furniture at a garage sale the weekend before and the circle of life and all that.

My loveseat, let me show you it:

Pioneer Woman, eat your heart out! A little paint and that's going to be beautiful!

Oh, and here it is with the wooden lawn chairs, which are also in need of scraping and painting but you've got to have vision, people:

How many cats can you find in that picture?

Somehow I don't think The Pioneer Woman's going to be coming to visit any time soon.


Fish Food said...

Looking good - vision is indeed all you need.

We'll have to call you PW 2... not!

Fish Food said...

[Did that sound rude? It wasn't meant to be.

It is a compliment.]

rockygrace said...

I understand, Fish. I think. :)

Becs said...

Yah, I'm kinda up to there with PW, myself. And I'm at the point in my house-owning where I need to give stuff away. Would you like a This End Up loveseat? After Oct. 11, it's getting dragged to the curb.

rockygrace said...

I'm good on furniture for now, Becs, but thanks for the offer!

I'm sure it'll get plucked off your curb as soon as it goes out.