Friday, May 19, 2017

Y U so stressed

Oh my God it has been a week, I'll tell you.

Monday and Tuesday were orientation, and while I can't divulge a whole lot about my new place of employment, I will say that the HR department is SERIOUSLY mucked up.  It was a frickin' circus of malfunctioning Powerpoint presentations, screwed-up software, and disorganization.  Holy cow.  I could have committed identity theft about forty times over, just by a stack of paperwork that was left RIGHT NEXT TO ME while I was completing online training.

And I had to get yet another TB test, because reasons, and when I went back to get it checked this morning, oooops!  There weren't any nurses readily available to check it.  IN A SEVERAL  HUNDRED BED MEDICAL FACILITY.  eeeesh.

Then, THEN, I went into work for what was supposed to be a couple of hours, and ended up spending seven hours putting out fires left and right, because, GUESS WHAT?  The company still needs a full-time admin assist.  And I was there for one day.

THEN I get home to discover a voicemail - Evidently my titer did not reveal sufficient immunization from measles, so I'm going to have to get re-vaccinated.  Hopefully that won't affect my start date, which is ... MONDAY.

Oh lord.  I am so tired right now I just want to collapse.  And I kept wondering, why is this stressing me out so much?  When I got thinking about it, most of the major stressful situations in my life previously were of my own choosing.  When I left my abusive ex and got a divorce, that was my call.  When I bought the house, that was my call.  When my Mom died, of COURSE that was not my call, but it was not unexpected.

And then ... this.  Almost completely unexpected, with very little notice, I had to find a new job.  And as Becs mentioned in her recent post, once you are of a certain age, finding a new job is not easy, even if you've kept your skills updated. Add in that I do best when I'm in control, and this was just ... hard.  Terribly hard, and terribly sucky.

And now, starting Monday, I will be going through two more weeks of training at my place of employ, although THANK GOD it will at the office where I will actually be working, instead of the place where the mucked-up orientation was held.  I keep telling myself that I'm getting there, I'm making progress, and very soon, things will get easier, and six months from now, I won't even remember how stressed out I was now.

Onward!  *sob*  Send me some peace, somebody!


KJL said...

Thinking peaceful thoughts at you. New is scary but anyone who can deal with abandoned kittens in a spooky house and ferals in a barn, can handle anything the medical profession dishes out. The old adage that you can't herd cats will stand you in good stead. Go get 'em, girl!

rockygrace said...

Thanks, KJL! On the plus side (?),when I had to get weighed for my insurance physical the other day, I thought the number seemed low,so I weighed myself at home this morning, and I've lost thirteen pounds in the last two months. The Stress Diet strikes again.

KJL said...

I always lose weight when stressed as well. If you're working in a medical setting, there will be food around, so those pounds may come right back :-)

James P. said...

Go get some damn donuts. You didn't have thirteen pounds to lose. This situation would make anyone nutso, and it's because of the people who lack the ability to run the show....not you.

fmcgmccllc said...

I think you are doing great. And you are right, this too shall pass. 13 pounds, wow.

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

*offers a flower* I hope things get better