Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Where It's At

Well, on Sunday morning, I called my supervisor.  I told her that due to the 12-hour shifts and the fact that I would be working virtually alone on evenings and weekends, I would not be continuing in the position.

On Sunday afternoon, I stopped by the rescue to help out because they were shorthanded, and the volunteer who had originally notified me of the job opening and flagged my resume for consideration was there.  Awkward!  She asked how it was going, and I explained the situation.  She said she completely understood, and felt bad that it didn't work out, and mentioned that she knew of a couple of new openings in the system for the same position, but with no nights or weekends and no being alone in a walk-in.  She said she'd message me the ID numbers when she was back in the office on Tuesday.

Hmmm, okay!

Long story short, I spoke with a company recruiter this morning. She suggested two positions that would be a good fit for me, and I have applied for both, with the rescue volunteer promising to put in a good word for me.  No one seemed to hold the walk-in thing against me, and I am hopeful that I many be able to work with the company after all, just in a different location with different hours.

Of course, I'm also applying (many) other places, to get my resume back out there in the fight again.  Is it discouraging to be back in the same place I was a month ago? Of course!  But I KNOW that job was not right for me, and now I'm hunting for something that's a better fit.

Am I depressed?  Yes.  Am I tired? Yes.  Do I have to keep plowing forward? Absolutely. And when this is all said and done, I SWEAR I am going to get some terribly tacky tattoo to commemorate this. :)


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

ugh. I am glad you aren't putting up with hours that don't work for you, and hope that something better comes through quickly

James P. said...

This is all going to work out for you because you have the guts to speak up (and I don't). Just wish it wasn't taking the physical/emotional toll that it is. (Can we vote on tattoo choices????)