Thursday, April 13, 2017

Oh ,just hand me the goddamn medal already, would ya?

So far today, I have

- transported four barn cats that we trapped last night to the spay/neuter clinic this morning.

- did two job back-to-back job interviews.

- grabbed a spare pair of glasses from my glovebox when one of the lenses in my glasses popped out IN BETWEEN interviews, and then stopped at the eyeglass place after interview #2 to get my glasses fixed.

- finally, FINALLY, after several on-line attempts and a call to a claims administrator, successfully filed an initial unemployment claim.

- stopped by a local temp firm about a temp-to-perm job that I'm interested in.  

- stopped by the local labor dept. job center because an online application I was filing needed a browser I did not have and did not want to install on my own PC.

- grabbed lunch at McDonald's and justified it by saying it was a "treat".  *snort*

- completed some bullshit online registration process that was necessary for a different online application and took an inordinate amount of time.

- did a load of laundry to get the barn cat crap off my jeans.

- took one of the permacats to the vet for his annual checkup.

- took a call from a woman I spoke to a month ago about feral cats in her neighborhood, who is now ready to start the trapping process.

- spoke to the barn cat farm owner.  27 CATS SO FAR THIS YEAR!!!!

- collapsed and died.

OKAY, not that last part, but I swear to GOD I am now going to veg out.  Until tomorrow, when I have a full day at the office PLUS a big interview.   Now where's my medal? 


Portia said...

You did well! Congratulations!!! And congratulations for not falling into the trap of doing the same work for half the pay . I know you will find something soon.

~~Silk said...

I would absolutely award you a medal, if I had one. I consider it a busy day if I manage to write two checks to pay two bills and make it to the post office to mail them without losing them on the way. Revise your resume to include "Excellent time management skills. Boundless energy."

Mama D said...

Wow. If I had a medal, I'd give it to you. 😊

rockygrace said...

I am happy to be able to report that I am still alive and kicking, and did Interview #4 for the week this afternoon. TGIF!

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

alive is good :)