Thursday, April 27, 2017

I took the job!

Yep, I decided to take the offer.

It is a pay cut, but it's in a growing industry in this area, the benefits are better than what I'm receiving right now, and they are going to train me in the terminology and technology needed for the position, which will be transferable to another position should I move on.

And honestly, I think the twelve-hour shifts are going to okay, because it will mean having days off in the middle of the week, and I went to Treman State Park in Ithaca today, and the weather was glorious, and I had the park practically to myself because NOBODY WAS THERE because it was the middle of the week.  Sold!

I should be starting in mid-May. 

I got a job!


the queen said...

Hooray! Pace yourself during those twelve-hour days.

Random Felines said...

congrats - it may take some adjustment, but the trade off sounds worth it

James P. said...

This should relieve some of your stress load. (Be sure to tell us about your current boss' reaction.........)

Rocky Cat said...

queen, earlier this week I talked to some of the people currently doing the job, and they said they liked the 12-hour shifts because it gave them more days off. I guess if they can do it, I can?

Random, thanks! Yeah, there's always a trade-off. If I had turned this position down, I would have lost any shot at unemployment benefits, so I figured I'd better grab it.l

And Ginny, now I'm stressing about starting a new job! ha.

KJL said...

Hurrah! So happy for you :-)

spiffikins said...


I had a friend who did 12 hour shifts - 4 on, 4 off - he loved it! And occasionally he would string together 12 days one, and then take 8 days off in a row.

When I worked for the government, back in the day, I liked doing 9.5 hour shifts, because then my week was 4 days with long weekends every week :)

Nowadays I have so much overtime and vacation time on the books that needs to be used, that I mostly don't work Fridays - it's lovely!

Portia said...


Becs said...

Congratulations! With your determination and stamina, how could anyone resist you?

fmcgmccllc said...

Good for you. Learning new stuff is always a plus.

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

May it be all you want and more, and may you get a pay raise quickly. :)