Tuesday, April 25, 2017

One Day

One day,

Two interviews, in two different cities, one of which was a hundred-mile round trip, one for Interview #2 for a position (a peer interview), and the second of which was Interview #3 for a different position,

One trip to the allergist's to get my injections,

One trip to the grocery store, for the first time in over a week, to buy some food,

Several calls and juggling to find foster homes for the two kittens who were trapped Sunday evening, because I simply cannot handle any more fosters at this time (they are currently in an EXCELLENT foster home and are doing fine),

One trip to the rescue to pick up Albon for my own fosters, who have coccidiosis (ewwwwww),

And one tired person who is ready for bed but can't help feel like she is KILLING it right now. :)

Medal, guys.  I am ready for my medal!


James P. said...

I should mention the medal first, but one of those kittens has the same markings as the mom! Too pretty. And the other little one is so cute. I could probably drive up there from Virginia to pet them. Or not. (Me helping out potentially at a rescue: "While you all are cleaning up, I'll be over here petting these animals to keep them happy. OK????")

Where you get your energy or drive is beyond all of us. When someone bottles it, let me know first. It is not a surprise that people are interested in having you come work for them, because.....duh........you are beyond capable and pretty damn impressive.

rockygrace said...

Ginny, I'm just doing what I've gotta do right now, keeping in mind that this situation is not forever, it's just temporary. THANK GOD. haha.

And rescues are always looking for people to come in and just pet the cats. It's true! It's not an easy environment for the cats, and the more attention and loving they get, the better. Of course, you can always come pet MY fosters ... :)

Oh, and their foster mom has named the kittens Jupiter (the orange boy) and Venus (the calico). Now we've just gotta get the other three out of the woods.

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

*hands over trophy* medal smedle.. you deserve a trophy!