Tuesday, November 01, 2016

... and in OTHER kitten news ...

... Oh my God, all I talk about anymore is cats, isn't it?  My apologies.

SO.  On Sunday, Squeegee and Lady Bernadette went to the adoption center to continue their search for their permanent families.  And if you want to know what the toughest part of fostering is, well, it's probably this:

But!  Like I always say,  they're not going to get adopted while they're hanging out at Foster Camp, so it was time for them to move on.  The kittens will be going to the adoption center a few at a time as space opens up.  I got Squeeg and Bernie settled in on Sunday morning, spent some time helping out cleaning the center, and got pressed into service (again!) as a bottle feeder for one shift.  Which reminds me!  I forgot to share pics from when I bottle-fed the previous weekend.

Here's the babies, from two different litters:

Bottle feeding is exhausting.  By the time you get everybody fed, and pottied, and back safe and warm in their crates, it seems it's time to start it all up again.  But look at this face!:

and boy oh boy did these little ones need baths!  They were positively crusty.  Sorry, guys:

"Nobody told me there was going to be baths!"

I'm guessing that they would rate their brief stay at Foster Camp a D-minus. 

But!  When I dropped off Squeegee and Bernie, I got to see (and bottle-feed) them again, a week later, and the little tortie-tabby (bottom photos) was already drinking her formula from a bowl.  They grow up so fast ... *sniff*

So!  Current foster count:  Rosalita (mama), her kittens Pistol Pete, India, Jughead and Sandy, the orphans Pebbles and Bam Bam, and add-on Punkin Pie.  So that makes ... eight, right?  Eight?  From three different litters.  Man, it's pretty bad when you're not SURE how many foster cats are in your house.  *sigh*


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

nothing wrong with talking about cats :)

and when baths are involved, the ranking usually goes down, but it really is in their best interest :)

James P. said...

What Tails said.......We WANT to hear/see about the cats!! If they are allowed to run around the entire house now, how do you keep from tripping over Fast-Moving Fur??? Sad about Lady B and Squeegee..........Hope whoever gets Squeeg appreciates his antics. HA!

rockygrace said...

Tails, is there anything more forlorn-looking than a wet kitten?

And Ginny, nope, the fosters stay in the Foster Room. Except for occasional escapees, that is. :) India in particular has mastered the art of scooting out the door between my legs. *sigh*