Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Meanwhile, on Facebook ...

Yeah, I've been pretty busy over on Facebook lately.  (And if anybody wants to friend me there, just shoot me an email (rockycat24 AT yahoo DOT com) and I'll give you my Facebook name.)  And my postings are falling into two categories:  Angry rants about the upcoming administration, and cute pics of the foster campers.

I'm pretty sure you're not interested in that FIRST category, so let's review some of the action from the second, okay?

Sleepy Punkin Pie:

"Hey, dis stuff is pretty good - keep it comin', laydee!":

"We're tryin' to watch TV, here.  You go 'way.":

"'Scuse me, I gotta go see a guy about a dog.":

All five in one shot!  And yes, it is just that chaotic around here:

"I claim dese Friskies in the name of India!":

and former camper Pete says "Hallelujah!":

Have a great Thanksgiving, everybody!  And try not to kill anybody at dinner when talk turns to politics.  That's why *I'm* staying home.  :)


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving

rockygrace said...

Thank you, Tails! You, too.