Tuesday, June 28, 2016

On the waterfront

Yes, well, believe it or not, there is *something* going on around here other than kittens.  If you're only here for the kitten posts (and I don't blame you), just wait a day or two.  In the meantime:

Last year, I bought my first kayak.  I bought an inflatable because I don't like to cartop because (a), I have a bad shoulder that makes lifting things up difficult, and (b) I once had a disastrous experience cartopping a canoe that put me off cartopping, possibly for life, so the inflatable was a great option.

I had a blast with it, but after taking it out a few times this year, I decided I'd like the added security that a hard shell kayak would bring.  But would one fit in the car?  I took some measurements and decided that, while it would be close, an 8' kayak should juuuuuust fit in the back of the wagon.

With my usual combination of false confidence and naivety (because "naivety" sounds better than "stupidity", ha),  I headed off for a local sporting goods store Sunday morning.  Here's the deal, I told the guy who waited on me.  I'll buy the kayak if I can fit it in the back of the car.  Otherwise, no dice.

Well, he said, laughing, I guess there's only one way to make this sale - I've gotta fit the kayak in the car!


 Now I can't wait to get it out on the water!

And hopefully I'll be able to get it BACK in the car.  Ha.


~~Silk said...

And a very nice one, too!

fmcgmccllc said...

Great for you, looks nice.

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

what is this 'something other than kittens' you speak of?? :)

I hope you have fun

spiffikins said...

that looks awesome! You're braver than I to get into one where you sit inside though - I like the sit on top type!

rockygrace said...

spiff, don't you end up in the water more with the sit-on-top type? They look so ... flippy.

Then again, I am aware of the bia against kayaks in general bc they are supposed to be more tippy than canoes - as a long-time canoer, imagine my surprise the first time I got in a kayak last summer and discovered that it was actually LESS tippy than a canoe! Live and learn. :)

~~Silk said...

Yeah. There's a big difference between falling off and falling out.