Thursday, June 16, 2016

My cat is a Cornell grad!

On Tuesday, I had to take Ponyboy up to Cornell for an appointment with a veterinary ophthalmic specialist.

Yep, my cat has an eye doctor.

Due to the feline herpes he had as a kitten before he came into rescue care, Pony has a chronically runny right eye.  He's been to several local veterinarians and been on all kinds of different meds, with no improvement.  (Before anyone asks:  YES, we've tried lysine! for YEARS.  Didn't work.) So his latest veterinarian wanted him to be seen at the Cornell Companion Animal Hospital, to see if the specialists there had a fresh take on his condition.

Road trip!

Ponyboy was a trouper, through the ride up and back, the three hour (!) vet visit, the tests, the poking, the prodding, he was fine through it all.  What a good boy!

He was given a couple of new medications to try (*sigh*), and he'll be rechecked in a few weeks to see if the latest greatest meds are making any difference.

Hang in there, Pony!  We'll find the right meds someday!

Good boy.


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Lysine doesn't work. There have been studies on it and they all show that it doesn't.

My Eli has two blocked tear ducts due to calci. He had it so bad as a kitten.. now his face is perpetually covered in dried tears and he looks awful and he hates it when I clean his face. Fortunately he knows when I say "get someone to clean your face for you or I'll do it" because the next time I see him his condition has dramatically improved.

rockygrace said...

Tails, yep, lysine is useless, but some people still swear by it. Go figure.

People always ask me, "what's wrong with that cat's EYE?!", like I haven't been taking him to every vet on Planet Earth for the past four years. Sheesh.

And I'll have to try talking to Pony! "Clean up your face, son!" Ha. :)

James P. said...

Wow, Famous Medical Cat. Maybe he'll get written up in somebody's research publication.

When I first saw his name, I was afraid he had gotten himself into another predicament involving fighting or collars or whatever.