Thursday, July 30, 2015

There goes the neighborhood

Several of my neighbors dump their yard waste in the park next door to my house.

Despite the fact that it is very, very easy to just mulch lawn clippings onto the lawn (that's what I do - all it involves is making an adjustment on the mower), and despite the fact that the local garbage service will collect yard clippings for twenty bucks a month, and DESPITE the fact that the town will pick up brush for FREE, several of my lovely neighbors insist on dumping their crap in the park.

There are now piles of yard waste in the park that have been there for years; when you heap yard waste in a big mound, it doesn't decompose; it just SITS THERE.  Looking like SH*T.

Dear neighbors:  I hate you.


Domestic Kate said...

It never ceases to amaze me just how inconsiderate people are of shared spaces and resources. "Welp, as long as it isn't in MY yard, problem solved!"

Becs said...

On my (old) commute home, there was a wooded area next to a stream (yes, in New Jersey) where a number of locals dumped their lawn clippings. I watched day by day as the piles grew and were then smoothed out by one of the neighbors with a rake, coming up with some beautiful composted soil.

rockygrace said...

Needless to say, my neighbors ain't real big on cleaning up after their dogs, either. I don't know where people get these entitlement attitudes, but it SUCKS.