Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Facebook Etiquette

So!  Over the past few days, a couple of sticky situations have arisen on my Facebook page.

First off, no, believe me, you ain't missin' nothing.  About the only thing I ever post there is pics of whichever foster kittens I'm tending at the time, to try to stir up interest in their adoptions.  I also link to stuff on local rescues' sites, blah blah blah, all kittens all the time.

It's like the Crazy Cat Lady's Facebook page.

But!  Over the weekend, my boss (yes, that boss, the racist one) sent me a friend request.

Umm ... When your boss wants to "friend" you on Facebook, is there really any way to say no?

yeah, I didn't think so.

And besides, like I said, all I ever post there is kitten pics, so who cares, right?

But!  I also received another friend request, from a guy who is "friends" with the woman who runs the rescue for which I volunteer.  He sometimes posts kitten pics, blah blah blah, on the rescue's page, so I thought, oh, okay, and accepted the request.

But then I went and checked out his page, and he's this hard-core right-wing nutbag.  Like, posting really obnoxious crap complaining about ... well, about stuff that right-wing a**holes complain about.  Welfare, "Unamericans", the whole nine yards.


So, I adjusted my settings so that his crap won't show up in my feed.  Problem solved!

Except now, he has started commenting on some of the stuff I put up. See again:  All kittens, all the time, and all he's commenting is stuff like, "Cute kittens!" or "It must be fun fostering!", but now that I know his politics, I'm just, like, all ... ick.

So I'm just "liking" his comments, without commenting back, and I don't really feel like I should unfriend him, because he's involved with the rescue, but


Facebook.  It's complicated.


Holly said...

I am a ruthless unfriender for politics and assholery, and I have a no-coworkers policy - which I tell people straight if they ask. Friend request decliiiiined. Only people I'd have a beer with, relatives included. Except sometimes I forget why, and have a moment of dismay 6 months later when I think they've unfriended me for something I've said.

So... give it a week or two and slip them off your list?

~~Silk said...

I do have a facebook account, because you have to be a "member" to see some other people's stuff, particularly people who are running businesses on Facebook. But, the only friends I have are Daughter, Hercules, and the Nugget. I occasionally get friend requests, and I simply ignore them. If anyone asks, I just say there's no need, it's all public, they can see anything I post without being on any list. No one has ever gotten upset.

rockygrace said...

Most of my stuff is posted as "public", because the rescue sometimes takes my photos to post on its own site or shares my posts, and that way they have easy access, so these people would be able to see my stuff anyway.

I dunno ... it's just, "GET OFF OF MY PAGE!" You know? I know these people exist; I don't need them COMMENTING. My BOSS commented on one of my photos yesterday, and it was just ick. ew. GO AWAY, GRAMPA.

yep I'm a popular gal alright. Ha.

Maybe I should just post "f*ck tha police" type stuff. just to stir the pot.

Random Felines said...

mom has a limited relationship with the shelter where she volunteers. a few times she has gotten a friend request from the director of the shelter. no....just no.... mom finally set up a "page" for our kitten/blog stuff and has her own friends separate

rockygrace said...

Random, yeah, I do have different "groups" of friends on facebook ... I guess I'm just too old and cranky for this brave new world. :)