Monday, July 13, 2015

Meet the new crew!

Well, I postponed it for a week, but the rescue was having a big adoption event on Saturday, so it was time for the Wrecking Crew to go to a place where they could meet their new families.

But when a door closes, a window opens somewhere, so here we go again:

Meet the Terrific Trio!  From left:  Tuxie girl, tabby-and-white boy, and tortie girl.

They're four-ish weeks old.  Eating canned food!  Most of the litters I get have the trots, but these guys have the exact opposite problem, which means I can now add Manual Turd Puller to my resume. *sigh*

Welcome to foster camp, kids!  Enjoy your stay.


Domestic Kate said...

Oh, man, I had to laugh out loud about "Manual Turd Puller." Good luck with that.

rockygrace said...

ha, thanks, Kate. :)