Thursday, July 23, 2015

Dear Kirby Vacuum salesman who knocked on my door last night:

The short answer is "No, thank you". The long answer is:

Really? In this day and age? When internet fact-checks are readily available? (See also: sellers of Mary Kay, Amway, diet-supplement-of-the-moment, etc.) You are involved in an MLM, aka Multi-Level-Marketing, aka Pyramid scheme. The ONLY people who make money in the company you volunteered for are at the very top. And yes, I use the words "volunteered for"  instead of "are employed by" , because not only will you not make minimum wage, you will probably end up in credit card debt after your little stint with this "amazing opportunity" is over. Please google the name of the company you are "working for" plus the word "scam" or "MLM" to find out exactly what you're getting into. (for Mary Kay, the best website is The products you are trying to sell are outdated and incredibly overpriced, and again, the only people who will make any money from this are the ones above you in the pyramid. Dude, it's now 9:30 at night, and you're STILL in a van with a bunch of other "employees", being shuffled from neighborhood to neighborhood, shilling a product that nobody wants. Trust me: You can do better.

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