Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sneak peek

The new camera is here!  The new camera is here!  The pictures, let me show you some.

Well, of COURSE the first pic I took was of a cat.  What ELSE?

The bus stop, which got relocated when I moved stuff around  in the living room:

Oh, do I have a story to tell about finding this pic in a flea market (nope, I don't know who these kids are):

and  finally ... finally ... THE BIG REVEAL!

Ta da!  My tie-dyed ceiling.

So I'm still working out the kinks with the new camera, but at least I have one that works.  Progress!


the queen said...

I like the ceiling!

~~Silk said...

Great job with the dye!

fmcgmccllc said...

Liking the ceiling.

~~Silk said...

It really does look like clouds. I'm still trying to figure out how you got that effect right off, first time.

This should go under your career change post, but I'm afraid that since Yahoo seems reluctant to send comment notifications you might not find it there. I was thinking that since you do enjoy office administration, maybe it would be better to, rather than change careers altogether (with the reduction in pay you'd get as a beginner in a new field) you might do better to extend your skills in office admin, with advanced training in office technology. What, exactly? I don't know, but somebody will at the college, I'm sure.

rockygrace said...

Oh, I'm glad you guys like the ceiling! I still need to go back and re-do some of the seams that came out wonky. But for the first time out, I think it looks pretty good!

~~Silk, I played with a whole bunch of effects - spiral, rosette, etc. - but the one that I like best is the scrunch. I need to figure out how to "fix" the dye better - I tie-dyed a couple of washcloths at the same time which have already started to fade with washing.

And yeah, right now I'm looking at Health Information Technology - basically what I'm doing now, but with medical records. I could combine that with a Medical Transcription course that would get me in the door in a lot of offices. About the only "growth" vocations in this area are in eds and meds, and I can't afford to go to school long enough to gain viable traction for a career in education. The college is supposed to be getting back to me this week with more advice/direction.

James P. said...

Love the ceiling because it looks like THE SKY!! I was a little worried that it was going to be, um, hippie-like.

I thought you would want a job outdoors, since you go any chance you get. Wildlife area tour guide? "STAY IN LINE, PEEEEOOOOPPPPLLLLLLLE!!!!....OR ELSE!!!!!!" We have a cousin in Texas who trained as a wildlife advisor, or something, with a state park.....part-time volunteer thing.

rockygrace said...

Ginny, I would love a nature-related job. Unfortunately, they don't pay for CRAP. My brother got his PhD in wildlife biology and earned about a quarter of what he could've gotten with a PhD in a different field.

It's all about the dollas hahaha. I'll earn my living in a boring office and commune with nature on my own time. :)