Friday, January 23, 2015

Freaky Friday: Hallway

A while back I bought a set of Loteria cards on ebay and I've been busy putting them around my doorframes because why not?

I used to have a big mirror hanging in one end of my hallway, but it fell off a while back and when weeks went by and I still hadn't replaced it, I realized that I never looked in that mirror anyway.  I thought it might be cool if it looked like there was another world past the end of the hallway, so I took an old tree-of-life bedspread and hung it up there.

So then the rest of the hallway looked awfully boring, so I've been busy hanging crap up there:

The pics on the bottom were taken by me.  The pics up top were taken by a professional.  But you all could tell that, couldn't you?  Ha.

It's been a couple of weeks since I took that pic, and since then I've hung a bunch more stuff on that wall, so I'll have to get an updated photo of it.  A pic of the pics.

My sister TIB, the one I no longer speak to because she is a BITCH, has had the same damn print of tropical fish hanging in her living room for, like, the last thirty years.  At least it was there the last time I was in her house, over a year ago, which was indeed the LAST TIME I was in her house, because there are very few things I am sure of in life, but one of them is that I will never cross THAT threshold again.  I assume the picture is still there.  And I will never understand that, how you can hang up a picture, ONE PICTURE IN THE ENTIRE ROOM, and not even a GOOD picture, just a crappy print of some unlikely-colored fish, and leave it there forever.  I get itchy if any one thing is in any one place for too long, and pretty soon I'm taking EVERYTHING off the walls and switching stuff up and chucking old stuff and putting up new stuff.  

At some point I'm sure I'll get tired of all the stuff currently hanging on all of my walls and take it all down, but for right now I think it looks cool. 


fmcgmccllc said...

Whenever I get a new picture almost all the art work can move. Same with stuff on the tables . Only the plants never move.

James P. said...

The amateur psychologist in me thinks you are lusting after Tib's fish picture. So, you can get it when you go to her Valentine's Day party. Problem solved.

~~Silk said...
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~~Silk said...

Hey, it's supposed to be freaky, not nice and pretty! Now, if those were Tarot cards, we're talking maybe freaky.

Once a picture goes on my wall, it will almost never come down, because I don't put it up unless I love it or the story behind it, and I rarely stop loving it.

BTW - Only one purpose of mirrors is to look into them. The other purposes are to reflect light and to make the space look larger. So even if you never "use" it, you are still using it.

~~Silk said...

A story of one of my wall photos:

Two friends a I had hiked to the top of the mountain on the Mohonk Mountain House (Google it) grounds in late October.

At one point we were on a carriage road, and the world was covered with freshly fallen golden yellow maple leaves. A breeze came through, and more leaves fell, filling the air with a blizzard of gold.

By the time I got my camera out, the breeze had gone. So I asked them to jump up and down to make more leaves fall.

They did.

I caught their awkward jumping, and the look of embarrassment when they realized what they were doing.

Later we drank surprise! champagne Don had carried all the way up the mountain in his backpack.

My daughter asked one time why that photo was on the wall, "It's not particularly special, Mom."

My answer, "Yes, it is."

rockygrace said...

Ginny, yep, I'll go get that picture right after pigs fly and hell freezes over. Ha.

and ~~Silk, I LOVE that story.

p.s. I went to see The Imitation Game today and it was very good, in case anybody was on the fence about seeing it. Good movie, sad ending, recommended.