Friday, July 29, 2011

Oh my God you guys I am SO GLAD I went

So! I went to the shelter last night. I KNOW. You guys, it went SO WELL.

Okay, first of all, I am really crunched for time today, with actual, like, DEADLINES and stuff, so I am going to have to squeeze this in a chunk at a time. Please be patient. Here's some highlights:

The bad news? New Kitty has not yet been adopted. The good news? She has been REUNITED WITH HER MOMMA. I didn't even know her mother was there, but she is, and the two of them are now sharing a run and are so happy it is incredible.

There are several cats there who would be a possible match for Little Girl. I am going to take my time for damn once and THINK about this.

I will have an opportunity to get to know the possible matches, as starting tomorrow, I'm going to be volunteering at the shelter.

And despite kids being out of school, they still need volunteers, because a few lousy parents ruined the whole kid-volunteer gig.

Okay! I have to go do some work for which I will earn actual money! Back soon.

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