Friday, July 29, 2011

New Kitty, aka Mona, aka Sideshow Betty

Okay, I'm doing several posts today as time allows, so scroll down for previous stuff.

Now! More shelter stories!

I had been calling the kitten of whom Little Girl was afraid "New Kitty". I know, original, right? It's just, the shelter had named her Mona, which, WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE, and I was calling her "New Kitty" until I could come up with a name. I eventually decided on Sideshow Betty, but by then it was clear that she had to go back to the shelter *sob*.

So! I go to the shelter last night, and there is Mona (UGH). And there's another, older cat in her run, and Shelter Lady explained that that was Mona's MOMMA.

Could you just die? I had no idea that Mona's MOMMA was at the shelter too.

Oh! And you should have seen those guys! They were romping and playing and Mona would POUNCE on her momma and her momma would be all paws in the air, all, "Help! Help! I'm being attacked by a ferocious kitty!"


And the shelter has decided that it would probably best if Mona and her momma are adopted together, which, how cool is THAT? And when I left last night, there was a woman there who was looking for a new kitty and was very interested in the story of Mona and her momma.

Coming soon: Volunteer time.

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