Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sometimes a great notion

Somewhere, the other day, I saw a silhouette image of a crow. And I thought it would be cool to put a few crows on one of my walls. I didn't want anything permanent, because I'm going to be painting the walls soon, so I decided on paper cut-outs. I went to Google Images and got a few crow outlines; I cut them out on paper and colored them black.

When I went to put them on the wall, I remembered that somewhere I had seen some kind of stencil of birds on a wire. (I have an awful time remembering where I've seen stuff; I swear, my mind is like a sieve. It processes everything, and most stuff passes through, but sometimes pieces get stuck, except I can't ever remember where anything came from to begin with.) So I grabbed some yarn and stretched it across the wall, fixing it with thumbtacks to the corner of the wall and a window frame. Then I took some sticky blob stuff (I can't remember the name of it; it's like chewing gum, and it's removable) and fixed the crow cut-outs on the wall.


And now I'm actually thinking of leaving that particular part of the wall blue, because it looks like sky. For the crows.


Bridgett said...

Oh coolio!

Rob said...

I think you were remembering "The Birds". If you start channeling Tippi Hedren, you'll know for sure.

That is pretty neat though.

Kit said...

I love it when good ideas actually, um, work out! So few of mine actually do, so I'm glad for you that yours did. I think they'd look cool with any color background.

rockygrace said...

Kit, yeah, it's like a miracle for one of my oddball ideas to actually turn out halfway decent. Usually they turn into gluey, half-assed disasters.

And Rob, I didn't even know Tippi Hedren was dead. Ya learn something new every day.

Bridgett, are you going to start blogging again? I miss you!

Rob said...

I just checked. Tippi is NOT dead! My error.

Bridgett said...

Aw, that's nice of you. Yes, I'll exert myself to post something -- you're the second person to ask this week. (I thought nobody would notice if I just stopped for a little while, and then I got out of the habit and found other things to get into and...well, you know.)