Monday, October 12, 2009

I took the morning off from work and all I got was this lousy rash*

I took Friday morning off from work and borrowed one of my coworkers so we could do this:

This is why the guys at work hate me.

Actually, we kicked ass, putting up over 300 square feet of insulation in the garage in four hours. And the first hour was spent removing all the random shelving, nails, screws, etc. that the last owner had put up all over the place. I think when he got bored, he went out in the garage and pounded nails in the walls. Seriously, I could build an entire house with the nails I pulled out of those studs. He had nailed up cardboard as walls in some places, along with (some) drywall, all of which had to come down. Good times! I was hoping to find some money stuffed behind a wall, but the best I came up with was an old license plate and a cat toy. Oh, and a chisel.

And my coworker didn't even laugh at me when I couldn't figure out how to fill up his staple gun. (In my defense, I KNOW how to load MY staple gun; I just didn't know how to load HIS. And hooo boy that sounds not-quite-right, doesn't it?) I also had a hard time figuring out a caulk gun the first time I used it. Slow-on-the-uptake, that's me.

But! Now I'm ready for winter. As ready as I'm gonna be, that is. We had the first hard frost this morning, and the "S" word is in the forecast for later in the week. Time to bust out the heavy coats.

*On the back of my neck. From the fiberglass. Scratchscratchscratch all damn weekend.


Rob said...

WooHoo! Free chisel!! Score! (At least that's what I would have done) Supposedly, home insulation is not supposed to make you itch anymore, but they lie.

rockygrace said...

Yeah, I can report that it's still itchy. We'd unroll a bale and you could see the little fibers swirl up into the air.

Great, now I'm scratching again.

Kit said...

You are so handy. At least you can load your own staple gun (as dirty as it might sound). I'm scared of tools (as dirty as that might sound). I just don't work well with my hands.

Okay, all of that is dirty.

Anyway, I have a fun post about insulation here:

rockygrace said...

Whoa, Kit, that insulation post really WAS tmi! :)