Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Well, I did it. I signed up for a two-week free trial of Netflix. I will watch as many movies as I possibly can during these two weeks, and then cancel on Day 13.

That's the plan, anyway.
Here's what I put in my queue:
1. Marjoe - A documentary about an evangelist whom I had a weird (REALLY weird) crush on when I was a kid. Here's Marjoe:

2. Stagedoor - A documentary about a summer camp for kids interested in the performing arts.

3. The Devil & Daniel Johnston - Documentary about a mentally ill guy who does "outsider music".

4. Waiting - A comedy about people working in a restaurant.

5. Murderball - Documentary about handicapped people playing volleyball. (I think it's volleyball. I could be wrong.)

6. Unknown White Male - Documentary (what else?) about a guy with amnesia.

I really, really wanted "Hands on a Hard Body". No! Wait! Don't get the wrong impression! It's not porn, honest! It's about people who enter a contest whereby the person who can keep their hands on a truck longer than anybody else wins the truck. According to Netflix, it is not yet available on DVD. Hmmm. According to Amazon.com, it is.

So, does anybody out there have any experience with Netflix? Did I just make a huge mistake? Will they somehow bill me for hidden charges? Let me know!


Exador said...

I've been using Netflix, almost since it was founded, and I have no complaints.

Rockycat said...

That's good to know. Seen any good movies lately?