Monday, May 14, 2007

Hidden Things

My brother-in-law, TIB's husband, told me "the story of the missing litterbox" on Sunday. My mom lives with him and TIB, and my mom has a cat. The cat likes to go down in the unfinished basement, so they keep a litterbox down there, in addition to the litterbox in my mom's room. It seems that my brother-in-law came home from work the other day, and mom asked him where he'd put the basement litterbox. He told her it was right where it always was, as far as he knew, but when he went to the basement it was gone. Mom was all upset about the missing litterbox, so my brother-in-law searched the house from top to bottom. No litterbox. He searched the garage. No litterbox. He searched the pool shed. No litterbox. Mom was convinced that for some reason, he had hidden the basement litterbox, which of course he hadn't. But he went and bought another litterbox for the basement.

A few days later, he went down to the basement to get something, and there was the missing litterbox. Right next to the new litterbox.

My mom hides things. She hides money, she hides clothes, a couple of years ago she hid Christmas presents she had bought. And once she hides stuff, it stays missing. We have no idea where this stuff goes; I have to think that some of it she buries in the garbage can, because it simply never appears again. The litterbox is the one thing to make the return from the missing; we are all dying to know where she had it stashed!

Mom and I went for a nice long walk at Greenwood Park on Sunday, and then we went to lunch. I got her a live orchid for Mother's Day:

Mom made out like a bandit, flower-wise: Rose, lilies, mixed bouquets, and a hanging basket. Having six kids has its advantages!


Anonymous said...

Alzheimers triggers the sneaky. My uncle used to hide his wallet and then lose his shit at his wife because he insisted she stole it. It would have been funny if it wasn't sort of terrifying for her.

Still, you have to feel for the cat.


Rockycat said...

Actually, I'm afraid the cat may be the next thing that comes up missing!