Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Guess What This Entry Is About?! C'mon, Guess!

Rocky came home from the vet's last night. He was pretty disheveled and obviously out of sorts and in pain, but he ate lots of (moist, soft, watered down) food and drank plenty of water, checked out the backyard to make sure it was still there, and then slept through until this morning. And this morning, he seemed to be feeling much better.

The vet sent me home with a big bag of meds. Gel stuff to rub on his teeth once a week to help keep tartar from forming (and I will give it the old college try, I promise), liquid arthritis medication to be given once a day(!), and liquid to put in his drinking water, again to help with the tartar situation. And of course, he's still on the liquid antibiotics twice a day. Just call me Nurse.

Final tally, including yearly check-up, vaccines, extensive blood testing, six months of flea meds, antibiotics, overnight hospitalization, sedation, teeth cleaning, tooth extraction, and arthritis and tooth meds (they threw in clipping his nails for free) - $616.49.

Rocky gaining weight (which he has already started to do) - Priceless.

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