Thursday, February 02, 2017

Summer Camp

The day after the Women's March I decided I wasn't done with walking for that weekend, so I headed for State Park and the summer camp there.  I think I've blogged about it before, but I couldn't find the post in my archives, so I'm gonna do it again. It was a beautiful day, sunny and in the fifties, so I took my time and moseyed around. 

There's something ... lonely about a summer camp in the wintertime.

Swimming, anyone?: 

Usually the place is all locked up, but this time some doors were open, so I was able to get a look inside:

SOMEbody had a little too much time on their hands ...

Although I do love kid art.

I hope to God they're going to change those mattresses out before camp opens for the summer, although going by summer camps I attended as a kid, I kind of doubt it:

For now, all I can do is imagine what this place is like full of kids:

Don't worry, camp kids.  Summer's coming.


James P. said...

These photos are just flat damn poignant. I can hear the girls all talking at once and too loudly. (It's taking my mind off the Bowling Green Massacre........)

PS......That's a reference to part of today's insane political news, BTW.......

rockygrace said...

I want to get a t-shirt that says "Kellyanne Conway went to the Bowling Green Massacre and all I got was this lousy t-shirt".