Monday, February 27, 2017


First off:  An update on Tippy:  As of Saturday, she was still at the vet's.  She had started to eat a little, but she still had really bad diarrhea.  The vet now thinks it may be a disease called Tritrichomonas.  Tippy will remain at the vet's until they get her back on track. Send kind thoughts her way!

And now, meet the new girl!

This is Alex the Girl.  She came in with the name Alex, but that's a little confusing for a girl cat, so I'm calling her Alex the Girl.  She and another cat, a beautiful gray boy named Jordan, were dumped on the street when their owner moved.  A neighbor took them in and called the rescue.  They came in to the adoption center on January 28, but it recently became apparent that Alex the Girl is expecting.  People were talking!  :)   So she's come to Rocky's Home for Unwed Mothers to await the blessed event.

Try not to stress out too much, Alex the Girl:

I'm not sure what you would call her coat color - Tabby/tortie?  She does have a little bit of white on her chin.  Anybody know what this coloration is called?

She's a talker, and very good natured.  She's been spending a lot of time looking out the windows.

Make yourself at home, Alex the Girl!


~~Silk said...

I'd call her tabby. Her body stripes are just broken up, but you can tell where they'd be if they were connected. Her face, forehead, and legs are definitely tabby.
I'm glad Tippy is feeling a little better, but sad she's not out of the woods.

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

I'd call her cute :) I fostered "Benny" once. She came in with that name too, so I called her Ms. Benny. I love the photo of her sprawled out on your lap, that is awesome. Purrs for Tippy

Random Felines said...

welcome Alex!!! it is all MUCH better from here forward.... purrs for Tippy

rockygrace said...

Well, she's definitely a tabby, but she's got that orange in there - Torbie, maybe?