Monday, February 06, 2017

Quilting a mystery

In my previous post about the quilt, I mentioned some mystery squares.  Here they are:

Let's see, that's a pair of axes in the upper left, but what's that on the bottom right?  A ... sled?  A ... baseball with extended stitch lines?

Clearly, RHW was a big fan of ... underwear?  Swimming trunks?  Bloomers?

In the upper left of the above panel, we have a flower and either some leaves or a butterfly.  And in the bottom right, we have ... Saint Bernardcat.

Below we have a dog, surrounded by the moon and stars, staring at a bear wearing a collar (?).  The collar-bear also appeared in another block of the quilt.

Okay, so in the lower right of the panel below, we have a welding glove.  And in the upper left, we have four interlocking rings.  And an arrow.  BUT WHAT DOES IT MEEEEEAAAAAN?:

And finally, we have what I think is my favorite panel of all:

In the upper left, we have a monogram.  And in the bottom right, we have a little man running away with something tucked under his arm:


I do not know what the little man represents, but he is charming.  As are all of these panels, even though I have not been able to crack their codes.  Ideas welcome!


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Saint Bernardcat. :) I love it

James P. said...

You can Google "story quilts", which is what I suspect was the goal here. Each square is supposed to be an image from a favorite book or the like......

James P. said...

PS........And I still stand with the theory that it was done by a child with some adult tracing the figures for her to embroider on. So, there........

the queen said...

Pretty sure I've seen running man in a monopoly game card.

rockygrace said...

Tails, you KNOW at some point I'm going to name a foster "Saint Bernardcat". Ha.

Ginny, those are some interesting theories!

And queen, that merits further investigation.