Monday, February 13, 2017

No hard feelings, right, guys?

On Saturday, I headed up to the barn cat farm.  I needed to pick up a couple of carriers, plus I wanted to work on some traps that had malfunctioned Wednesday night.  Oh, and I stopped by the house where the guy who pushed me up the hill lives and dropped off some cupcakes as thanks.  No one was home, so I left them on the porch with a note.  I was discussing him with the farm owner, and in the "it's a really, really, REALLY small world" category, it turns out that he's the father of one of the young women I clean with at the adoption center!

I also brought along some catnip toys, so the cats would know that I wasn't ALL bad:

This guy was GETTIN' it:

These guys, however, weren't falling for it:


Pretty pose:

Big guy:

This girl has already been spayed, but EVERY TIME we bait traps, she's first in line to be caught.  On Wednesday night, I had to literally SHAKE her out of one of the traps, she was so determined to get that mackerel.  And on Saturday, as soon as the traps came out, she was right there:

All traps are now functioning as designed:

And I had to take more pictures of this lovely girl:

She sure is a beauty.


Random Felines said...

there is always that ONE cat :) so nice of you to treat the guy for pushing your car and bring toys for the cats

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Mackerel must be really worth it :)

That is a small world. I bet they enjoyed the cupcakes

rockygrace said...

I couldn't stop and thank him on Thursday morning, because if I had stopped the car, I never would have got it going again on that hill! So I figured the least I could do was deliver some baked goods after the fact. Plus, I got the cupcakes at a bake sale benefiting the rescue, so it was a win-win. :)