Monday, July 11, 2016

Back to School.

Yep, the Cornell cat was due back on campus this morning.

Which meant ... time for a road trip!

Ponyboy was overjoyed.

The facility:

You've seen one exam room, you've seen 'em all!, Pony says:

He may have been a little put out by that portrait of a DOG.  Sheesh.

His eye is still squinty, but the last round of drops did seem to improve things a little.  The vets have concluded that it is a chronic condition, one that surgery would not improve (um, yay?).  They gave me a different kind of drop to use (*SIGH*), with no need for a recheck for four more months.

That's right, Ponyboy - no more road trips this summer!  Yaaaaay!


James P. said...

Hooray for Pony getting better. Fingers crossed for that.

However.......It's not true that if you've seen one exam room, you've seen them all. Jay Leno had a newspaper clipping of an ad for some pet care product which supposedly showed a vet exam room.....Veterinarian...Check!.....Doggie on exam table.....Check!.....Eye chart on back wall......CHECK!!!

rockygrace said...

hahaha "Now read the second line ..."


In the waiting room this morning, along with all the cats and dogs, there was a parrot named Drumstick, which cracked me up. There was a duck there, too, but I didn't get the duck's name - just heard him quacking.

James P. said...

OMG, I missed being in a waiting room with Drumstick and a nameless duck! (My son used to have to take the occasional duck with fox attack injuries from the vineyard where he was the winemaker, etc., to the vet accompanied by the owner's son, age 8ish. My son would say "Just put down Fitter" for the name, but little Julian would object and start through the litany of names he had gotten from kiddie lit. Drove my boy nuts, but then, he is a grouch. Did I mention lately that he is not married and is just younger than you? He loves animals!)

rockygrace said...

hahaha no, Ginny, I don't believe you mentioned that. :)

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Way to go Pony!