Tuesday, July 05, 2016

The weekend!

This weekend was a kittenpalooza, no doubt about it.

Mama is doing a super job, and I've been helping her out by supplementing with KMR (a milk replacement formula for kittens).  There was a brief moment of panic on Saturday when the KMR was running low and the first THREE stores I went to were out of it, but thankfully store #4 pulled through and crisis was averted.  (The other stores had the pre-mixed stuff, but I prefer to use the powdered, which is what I found at store #4.  If I had not been able to find powdered, I would have bit the bullet and bought the (more-expensive) pre-mixed.  NO KITTENS WILL GO HUNGRY AT FOSTER CAMP!  Ha.)

The four newbies will sometimes HISS at me, which is nothing short of ADORABLE, I mean SCARY, but they're fitting in just fine.

"Yeah, well, I got my EYE on you, laydee ...":

Eyes are starting to open, and I am afraid that the wall will be breached any day now:

And in OTHER news:

The first outing was a success!  I found the hardshell to be more unstable than the inflatable, which was a surprise, but by the end of my tour around the lake I'd found my bearings.

All in all, a great weekend!


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

goat milk is even cheaper and works just as well if not better - just something to keep in mind.

rockygrace said...

Tails, do you heat it to bottle temp like the KMR or give it straight outta the fridge?

rockygrace said...

Oh wait, that's dumb - of course you've gotta warm it up. Is there a special kind to buy - like pasteurized vs.non-pasteurized, etc.? Any advice you can give would be a huge help and very much appreciated!

James P. said...

Don't understand why the four newbies are hissing at you when they "met" you when their eyes were still closed. What's with that?

rockygrace said...

Hissing is a defense mechanism that kittens use when they smell an unfamiliar scent! They couldn't see me, but they could smell that something is different near them, and they hiss to appear mean and scary. It took them a few days to recognize my smell, and every so often I'll still get a half-hearted hiss when I first go near the nest box.

James P. said...

Half-Hearted Hiss would be a good name for a rock band. (Stealing that concept from comic writer Dave Barry.)