Thursday, July 14, 2016

A question for all you cat fosterers out there

Have you ever had a kitten start eating solids at two-and-a-half weeks?

Because this little girl is kinda blowing my mind:

Lemme in, Mom, I'm hungry!:

"Can you believe this kid?":

And she's not just sniffing at it, or blindly stumbling through the bowl.  She is flat-out PIGGING OUT, complete with slurping noises and a messy face.

It's almost scary, like I've got a super-advanced genius kitten in the bunch.  So, all you cat fosterers, have you ever had a kitten start eating this young?  Enquiring minds want to know.


~~Silk said...

Is it possible he/she is lacking some mineral and the wet food is supplying it? Like he/she can smell it?

rockygrace said...

I dunno, Silk, it would seem that Rosa's milk would be nutritionally complete.

~~Silk said...

Rosa's milk can be complete, but the kitten may have difficulty processing some component, kitten missing an enzyme or the like. Or, maybe the competition from those orphan kittens has convinced kitty that it's best to get a week's jump on ALL the food sources. Ha ha! Mine, all mine!

Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

Two and a half weeks? no.. but early, yes.. :) that is a riot..

James P. said...

Two months later: Which kitten is that? Is it one of Rosa's adopted ones? Does it still eat like there's no tomorrow?

rockygrace said...

That was/is Pebbles! She was one of the orphans, and I am happy to report that she now eats normally and is the same size as the other kittens. I guess she was just an early fan of solid food!