Monday, May 16, 2016

The weekend

On Saturday, Mama cat, Little Bit AND Tippy all went to their new home - together!  Yep, mama and two of her kittens are going to be growing up together.  How sweet!

I thought I was going to be taking the other fosters to the rescue to go up for adoption, but plans changed (as they always, ALWAYS do in rescue), so Dora, Sophie and Calvin will be staying with me for a few more days.  Yay!  It's hard when the foster room empties out all at once.

Saturday afternoon I went looking for ladyslippers.  I didn't find any, but I DID find lots of other stuff.  (Oh, and one of these photos has a mouse in it!  Can you find it?)

Looks like the April showers really did their job this year.


~~Silk said...

So, how did you get a mouse to pose for a photo?

rockygrace said...

Easy, Silk - he works for peanuts.