Monday, October 19, 2015

Foster Camp update!

It's been a little bit since I last posted about the fosters, so I thought I'd do a kitten update.

The Colorscape Kitties, i.e. The Artists, continue to do well.

Henri is growing like a weed:

Gus is considering going as Wolverine for Halloween:

And Georgia likes to show off her thumbs:

It appears that Georgia may have some issues; she's quite unsteady in her gait and is lagging behind the other two developmentally.  But she is just as sweet as can be, and we'll find a loving home for her.

My house was the usual chaos the other night:  I got home from work and walked in the door to a ringing phone.  On my way to pick up the phone, I stepped on a decapitated mouse (TINKS), and answered the phone to discover that someone had showed up at the rescue with an abandoned kitten they had found; the rescue wanted to know if I would consider adding the kitten to my foster crew.

It was right about then that Tinks charged in with yet ANOTHER mouse (TINKS!), which he proceeded to dispatch at my feet, while I explained on the phone that while I had to take Tinks to the vet that night (he had gotten into yet ANOTHER fight with one of the neighborhood cats and had an infected ear that needed tending to)(TIIIIINKS!), I could possibly pick up the kitten after the vet visit.

Arrangements made, I scooped up Tinks, muscled him into a carrier, got him to the vet and got his ear cleaned up, got home, and had time to eat a couple of crackers before it was back out the door to pick up the newbie.

"Heyyyyy, who's da new kid?"

Georgia, in particular, was NOT IMPRESSED by the interloper, and much hissing ensued, but I am sure that things will calm down in due time.

 The new kitten is a girl (I think), about five weeks old, and as round as she is long.  I asked the woman who found the kitten if she had named it and she said she had been calling it La La, which, yeah, cute but NO, so a name is needed.  I was originally going to stick with the Artist theme, but that might get confusing, as this kitten is much younger than the other three, and I don't want her to get lumped in with them, vaccine-date-wise, but then again, I'm not even sure that GUS is related to the other TWO, so yeah, things get confusing at Foster Camp. 

Right now I'm leaning on calling her Taffy, and I'm sure that soon they'll all be getting along famously, so

now there's four at Foster Camp!


Random Felines said...

the newbie is adorable!!

Becs said...

Adorable! Please bring them all to my house immediately. Along with any others you find along the way.

rockygrace said...

Random, yep, I love 'em when they're all roly-poly.

and Becs, I'll pack up the Kitten Truck and head your way. :)

Becs said...

Good, and you can help me catch Toby and Mia so I can finally get them spayed/neutered while you're at it. Oh, can you pick up an orange one while you're at it?

rockygrace said...

Hmmm ... orange ... let me put in an order ...