Monday, October 05, 2015

Big Changes at Foster Camp

On Saturday, I took Chloe and Watson back to the rescue, so they could continue their journey to their permanent homes.   They were almost twelve weeks old, and the rescue had room for them, so it was time.

 I also took Mikey along for the ride.  The plan was that I would bring Mikey back home with me for a couple more weeks, as she is smaller than the other two.  But!  While we were there, guess what?!  Mikey got adopted!

A family who had adopted from the rescue before was there looking for a new addition to their household.  One of their cats had recently passed away at age 18, and the remaining cat, a playful five-year-old, was lonely.  They spent two hours looking at all the cats and kittens, weighing the pros and cons of each one, and picked Mikey!  (Well, OF COURSE they did.  I mean, she WAS the most beautiful cat there ...) This family takes very good care of their pets, so I'm sure Mikey will do fine there.  I just wasn't ... quite ... ready ... for her to go, is all. *sniff*. Ha.

But!  Because Kitten Season is STILL upon us, I didn't go home empty-handed.  Meet the Colorscape kittens:

A couple of weeks ago, there was a public art event in the town where the rescue is located.  A little boy was there with a box full of kittens, trying to give them away and telling people that the kittens would be killed if he didn't find them new homes.  When an event organizer approached him, he dropped the box and bolted.  Efforts to find the little boy, or to find where the kittens came from, were unsuccessful, so the rescue stepped in. And because they were found at an art show, they were dubbed The Artists, and named Georgia, Frida and Henri.  Now estimated to be around six weeks old, they need some more growing time until they're big enough to be adopted.

Welcome to Foster Camp, Artists!  We could USE a little class around here.


Tails from the Foster Kittens said...

i know what you mean about not being ready, but at least Mikey didn't have to wait

rockygrace said...

Yep, Tails, she only spent a few hours at the rescue, and ... gone!

And in OTHER foster news, I just heard from the rescue's founder ... Watson has also been adopted, and will be going home tomorrow! Woot woot!

Domestic Kate said...

Cute names for the new kittens. If we were having a girl baby, she probably would have been Frida.

rockygrace said...

Frida's a little sweetie. A little blue-eyed sweetie.