Wednesday, September 16, 2015

TMI! TMI! Tee - Emm - f*cking - Eye!

So, I was at a thing last weekend, chatting with some other people, and one gal volunteered that she had a sore on her butt that was making her sit funny.

Um, okay?

And then ANOTHER gal started talking about her botched tummy-tuck surgery, and the mesh that they fitted from HERE to HERE, and blah blah blah

holy mary mother of god I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT.

These people are acquaintances of mine.  Not pals, not long-time-no-see old buddies, acquaintances.

Is this a thing, now?  Telling people you barely know the intimate details of your life?  Because I don't get it.

I do have some chronic medical conditions, myself, but I would rather off myself than start blabbing about them to other people.  I do bring up my allergies, on occasion, said occasion being when the meds have failed and I have to apologize for blowing my nose every thirty seconds.  I just feel better if people know that my nose is running like crazy because of tree pollen, not because of a nasty coke habit or something.  But even then, I just say, "excuse me, I have allergies" before I haul out the Kleenex.

My take on med stuff is that it should be shared on a need-to-know basis.  If it's going to interfere with my work schedule, then work needs to know about it.  If I am going to have to change plans because of it, then the people I was doing the planning with need to know about it.  They don't need to know the gory details, they just need to know that my plans are changing.

Other than that?  NO. 

I dunno. Is it just me?  Because I feel really, really uncomfortable when someone who is practically a stranger starts telling me in GREAT DETAIL about her recent struggles with shingles.  Just, ick.


Becs said...

It's not just you. Thank God I'm 30 years beyond hearing about somebody's episiotomy.
Yes, I take meds, for lots of reasons and it's given me lots of good blog fodder, but it doesn't belong in the real world. People start looking at you funny, anyway.

rockygrace said...

I'm glad you agree, Becs!

~~Silk said...

I guess I'm just more relaxed about stuff like that. I don't mind listening. I sort of consider it a learning experience. A little bit of random information about other people's experiences doesn't hurt, and might come in handy someday if I'm faced with the same situation.

As to the people talking about it, they just want a little attention or sympathy. No problem. Whether or not it's appropriate isn't a consideration to me. I can remember when it was not appropriate in ANY company to mention pregnancy, or any type of cancer, not at any level of detail. People recoiled in horror, so I figure we've come a long way.

Also, it's pretty hard to gross me out.

rockygrace said...

Silk, I guess I'm just a more private person about stuff like that. I can't imagine blabbing to someone I hardly know about intimate details. As far as learning experiences, hell, that's what Google is for. ha.

Everybody wants to be heard, and I know some people LOVE to hear the gory details; I'm just not one of 'em. :)