Monday, September 14, 2015


I know, I know, pickings have been slim around here lately - I apologize.  I've just been so dang BUSY.

Checking the mailbox and getting a letter from the local Probation Department makes your day more interesting in a hurry.  Sometimes I wonder if my mailman is judging me based on my mail. Thanks to the drunk driver hit-and-running me last fall, I've received several letters from the District Attorney and now the Probation Department.  I feel like running out to the mailman and yelling, "It's not me!  It's the dude that ran into me!"  Ha.

Somebody I know posted on Facebook about "my granddaughter, Alyvia", and I was thinking, okay, how do you even pronounce that?  Is it allie ... allie-via ..." and then the light bulb went on.
Jesus Christ.
If you want to name your kid Olivia, SPELL IT F*CKING "OLIVIA".

Awesome Halloween costume idea:  Dress plus gold medals from Dollar Store = Caitlyn Jenner.  You're welcome!

I'm STILL trying to figure out the Maserati I saw parked at the local WalMart not long ago.  I'm pretty sure that if I owned a Maserati, the LAST place I'd be shopping would be WalMart.  Just on general principle.

Saw this little dude in the driveway the other night:

I posted it on Craigslist and Facebook, but nobody replied - guess somebody got tired of their Easter present.  Hopefully he'll find a home in one of the barns in the area.

I know I'm not alone in this, but I detest it when someone uses "lol" on line.  I just ... feel like asking, "Really?  You really laughed out loud at that?"  Because I doubt it.  I mean, I *do* laugh out loud, I did it just last night while watching old John Belushi SNL skits, but there is NO WAY everybody is lol-ing as much as they claim to be.  Bah.

The Cake Boss makes ugly cakes.  There, I said it.

That's my random for now!  How about you - got any random?


fmcgmccllc said...

It is a hard subject to talk about, but around here I wonder did you mean to name them that or did you just guess at the spelling. On purpose or just in too much of a hurry.

I feel bad about the bunny except they eat my crocus and that just makes me mad.

~~Silk said...

If you own a Maserati, the day the maintenance agreement expires, you HAVE to shop at Wal-Mart. Fancy car doesn't mean you're rich. Maybe you were before you bought it....

My country house is near a college. College students get rabbits for pets because they're cheap, easy to keep, and don't destroy rental property, and the kids think that at the end of the school year rabbits will be just fine set loose. After all, they eat grass, right?, and there's loads of woods and farmland around the campus. Well, I guess the released rabbits do in fact do ok, because the "wild" rabbits around there are all different shapes, sizes, colors, and coat patterns.

I am a nasty person. I'd say "Ah-lee-vya", and if anyone corrected me I'd say "That's not how Olivia is spelled. By all the rules of phonetics, this is Ah-lee-vya. Or maybe Al-lie-vya, but it isn't Olivia." (Sheesh - maybe it really IS meant to be Ah-lee-vya.)

~~Silk said...

Oh, yeah, forgot. "LOL" is bad enough, but the one that really jerks my chain is "ROFL". Sure you were. And you still have your job?

Domestic Kate said...

I saw a Porche parked outside a Motel 6 and wondered aloud to my husband about it, and he said, "Drug dealer." So, there you go.

Lynn said...

I recently read online that "LOL" is totally over, and the new thing is "Ha ha." And then, my 18 year old nephew texted us about a week later, and he TOTALLY used "Ha ha." So it's official - LOL will mark you as old and uncool forever.

rockygrace said...

fmcetc., yep, are they trying to be "different", or are they just frickin' illiterate? It's annoying (to me) either way.

~~Silk, I'm trying to remember where I read about someone who told their grandma that LOL meant "love you lots". So poor grandma was signing off on all of her emails, etc., with LOL. Ha.

Check it, Lynn, I just used "Ha", there. I'M COOOOOOOOL. Not! Ha. Oops, did it again. One thing I DO do a lot is use a smiley face. :) Just so people know when I'm kidding about something, because I usually am.

and Kate, yeah, luxury car in a motel parking lot = drug deal all the way. I'm surprised there wasn't a cop car or two there as well.