Monday, June 15, 2015

Chlorhexidrine Scrub

Yeah, so, it was one of THOSE weekends.

Friday night, I noticed that one of Tinks' ears was kind of goopy.  When I cleaned it out, it was also stinky, so I figured he had an ear infection.  The regular vet was closed for the weekend, so I thought I'd keep an eye on it, keep the ear cleaned, spread on some antifungal in case it was a fungal infection, and call the vet on Monday.  Saturday morning his ear looked good, with only a little bit of hardened gunk in it.

Early Saturday afternoon, I got home from running errands to find Tinks with blood running down his face.  His ear was a bloody mess, so I scooped him up, forced him into a carrier (Tinks haaaaates being crated), and hurried off to the local walk-in clinic, which thankfully was open.

Turns out, at some point in the past few weeks, something bit Tinks.  Bit RIGHT THROUGH HIS EAR.  And here's the thing about long-haired cats:  Their skin is really thin, which leads to it healing really fast.  TOO fast, unfortunately, because it leads to abscesses when wounds heal too quickly.  On Saturday, Tinks "blew out" an abscess.

They shaved his little ear, and cleaned it all up, and gave him a long-lasting antibiotic injection, and sent us home.  With Chlorhexidrine scrub.  Which I managed to administer exactly ONCE before Tinks decided that was enough of THAT and refused to come near me.


But!  In better news!  I did manage to give the Rainbow Horse a touch-up on his paint job:

He looks much ... brighter now.  A couple of coats of varnish and he'll be good to go.  I think maybe I'll put him out by the mailbox.  The neighbors ought to LOVE that.


fmcgmccllc said...

If I drove by your house everyday it would be my smile moment.

rockygrace said...

Aw, thanks, fmcetc.!