Monday, June 01, 2015


So, I was supPOSed to take the foster cats back to the rescue yesterday, but that didn't happen, so I went shlepping out in the woods instead.

Oh, it was a dark day, totally different from Saturday, which was bright and warm and sunny.

But the woods were full of wildflowers.

I walked a snowmobile trail:

and found these pretty, lacy flowers.

But then ... BUT THEN ... I came across something that I'd only seen in pictures before ...

Dun dun dunnnnnnn ...

GIANT HOGWEED.  (cue foreboding music here.)

Giant hogweed is extremely poisonous.  Like, kill-you-dead poisonous.  Needless to say, I gave it a wide berth, seeing as how I can break out in a rash just looking at poison ivy. 

Once I got done walking, I had to go and get some soft-serve.  Just to soothe my giant-hogweed-rattled nerves, dontcha know.

And to ADD to the "odd things always happen to me" file, on Saturday, I had a half a loaf of stale bread to get rid of, so I tossed it into the brushland behind the back yard for the birds.

A little while later, I saw a FOX running across the back yard with a slice of bread in his mouth.

Because ... foxes need carbs?  Yeah, I have no idea.  It's just Wild Kingdom run amok all over the place around here.


the queen said...

Look up the giant hogweed video on YouTube if you don't know it already. I think it's early Genesis, pre-Phil Collins.

~~Silk said...

Many state governments have been trying to eradicate giant hogweed wherever it's found, whenever people report it. I don't know to whom you report it --- maybe a county enviromental department? Thanks for the reminder, I'll alert Daughter, I can just see Nugget picking the pretty flowers on one of their rambles.

rockygrace said...

Holy crap, queen, what did I just watch?! I'll bet that would sound really great if I was high ... I remember hearing the "Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" album for the first time when I was a teen and having my mind blown. Ha.

and ~~Silk, yep, here in New York you're supposed to report it to the DEC. Here's a link to the website:

The spot where I was hiking is a pretty popular area, so I'm sure it's already been reported. I was kind of surprised that they hadn't already burned it down or something.

~~Silk said...

Don't assume it's been reported.
- Everyone else may have assumed that,
- Not everyone would recognize it,
- Many people wouldn't take the time anyway.
Be the hero. Offer to burn it yourself - that might get action. ("Eek! We've got a freak!")

rockygrace said...

~~Silk, guess what? I DID report it to the DEC, and they said it's NOT Giant Hogweed, it's Angelica! (whatever THAT is.) Live and learn!

~~Silk said...

Good. On closer inspection of your photo and consultation with my Peterson Guide, yes, I think the leaves do say Angelica. For future reference, I found a wonderful site on NY and Giant Hogweed:

Scroll down a little there, and you'll find maps of sites of where GH has been found, where it has been eradicated, where it's being monitored, etc. Also a link to a poster they want to people to print and put up everywhere, and other neat stuff.

~~Silk said...

P.S. Angelica is delicious - the coiled new leave bunches in early spring, boiled and buttered. That was one of the things we found in the foraging class. I think you'd enjoy foraging - check your local educational whatevers for adult fun classes. It'll be handy information for when the economy crashes for good.

~~Silk said...

Leaf bunches. LEAF!