Monday, June 29, 2015

I went to Hobby Lobby and lost my damn mind

And I know, I KNOW, I am not even supposed to be SHOPPING in Hobby Lobby, because REASONS, but I was looking for some giant letters for a project at work, and neither Michael's nor A.C. Moore had what I needed, but Hobby Lobby did.

And normally I don't shop at Hobby Lobby ANYway, because we don't even HAVE a Hobby Lobby here in town so I have never even BEEN to a Hobby Lobby, but on Saturday I went to Ithaca and Ithaca DOES have a Hobby Lobby and so ... I went there.

And discovered the clearance aisles, i.e., NIRVANA.  Guys, the stuff was on sale for EIGHTY PERCENT OFF!

I bought this mirror:

Please excuse my looming face, there.  A lot of Hobby Lobby stuff seems to be distressed, and I am not a big fan of the distressed look, per se, but I plan on glamming all this stuff up anyway, so the base veneer wasn't really a factor.  That all of this stuff is AWESOME?  That was a BIG factor in my losing my mind in the clearance aisle.

 Here is a metal wall shelf:

Another metal wall shelf, which was reminiscent of antlers to me, so, SOLD!:

It's hard to tell from these pics, but those shelves are BIG.  I'm going to need some drywall anchors to hang those babies.

This cute sign, which is going to go in the laundry room, i.e., garage:

This lovely ceramic mermaid (I LOVE mermaids):

This pretty little bird statue (with Ponyboy lounging in the background):

And this shadowbox, for which I have BIG plans:

I bought all of this, PLUS some pipe cleaners and other crafty crap, for fifty-two bucks.


Most of this stuff went right into the foster room closet, where I store the birthday and Christmas gifts that I buy for myself.  I can't wait to see it all again!

So, yeah, I shopped at Hobby Lobby.  I knew I wasn't supposed to, but I did it anyway. 

and I'll do it again.  That store is AWESOME.



spiffikins said...

hah! I try really really hard not to go in that store - but I allow myself one trip in the fall, to look at the Christmas ornaments (which, btw, are out in force starting in AUGUST!)

It's a dangerous store, truth!

Looking forward to seeing what you do with your treasures!

rockygrace said...

spiff, I hate to say it, but they were ALREADY putting out Christmas crap when I was there on Saturday. *shudder*

and heyyyyyy, girl, how was Mexico?!

spiffikins said...

OMG I am covering my eyes and NOT LOOKING at christmas in JUNE - I do NOT WANT TO KNOW.

Mexico was A-MAZ-ING. Seriously gobstopping - the condo in Akumal was lovely, and literally within 300 feet of the lagoon (Yal-Ku) that started this whole escapade! I went to the lagoon twice in the time I was there - and it was literally like swimming in an aquarium - fish EVERYWHERE.

The Akumal bay beach area was gorgeous, and I saw dozens of turtles right close up - as well as rays! (not so close up on those guys ).

Swam in a underground cave lake, and spent most every afternoon floating in the pool at the condo -I think I grew webbing between my fingers and toes, I was in the water so much :D

Plus, the restaurants along the road - literally sitting at a table on the beach, drinking margaritas and eating yummy food - cannot beat that! was SO LONG AGO now. I need to figure out where I'm going next :D

rockygrace said...

Oh man, that sound awesome, spiff! I'm glad you had a good trip. Wish I coulda been there! Maybe next time ... :)