Friday, May 08, 2015


Tinks had his surgery on Wednesday, and it went well!  Unfortunately, his teeth were in such bad shape that the vet had to pull SIXTEEN of them - all of his back teeth.  Yikes!  But she gave him a long-acting shot for the pain before he left her office that day, and he seems to be in good spirits.  I've been giving him Fancy Feast broth packets, which he slurps right up, but he's also eating regular canned food and - amazingly - even dry food!  I've been trying to discourage that because I don't want him to bust his stitches open, but he's been gulping it right down.  That's one tough cat, right there.

And in OTHER cat news, I got - wait for it - an anonymous letter in my mailbox last night.  Addressed to "Resident", it was supposedly from someone in the neighborhood, complaining that my cats are destroying her property.

Yep, my cats are mighty destructive, all right.


I don't know WHAT'S going on, there.  This anonymous person says that MY CATS are digging in her gardens; spraying, pooping and peeing in her "open storage space"; and otherwise wreaking havoc.

A couple of things I would point out to this person, if I KNEW WHO IT WAS:

(a)  My cats have never destroyed any of MY property.  Which means either my cats have some kind of EVIL VENDETTA against this anonymous person, or something else is doing the damage to her property.  As far as digging in the garden goes, the most likely culprit is either a skunk going after grubs, or moles, who also dig for grubs.  Could be woodchucks, too, 'cause God knows we've got enough of those around here, not to mention squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, and plenty of other wildlife.  As far as spraying, um, nope.  And peeing/pooping?  In her "open storage space"?  While I guess it's possible, most cats prefer to void in an area where they can cover it up afterward, not on a hard surface.

(b)  If this anonymous person would care to come talk to me, with proof, either pics or video, that it is indeed MY cats who are doing the damage, and not skunks, moles, or any of the OTHER nine billion cats in the neighborhood, I will gladly pay for her petunias.  Put up or shut up, buttercup.

I hope she also sent this letter to the owners of the nine billion other indoor/outdoor cats in the neighborhood, so that we can all meet up and have a good laugh.

She (oh, come on, you know it's a woman; no man EVER could come up with something this ridiculous) concluded by saying that while she had contacted the local animal control officer who told her there was nothing he could do (because DUH, stop wasting people's TIME, lady), unless I started keeping my cats inside, she would be forced (gasp!) to have the town council pass an ordinance banning outdoor cats.

Oh, honey, good luck with that.  And in the meantime, come talk to me in person.  Show me PROOF that MY cats "destroyed" your property, and I'll gladly get out my wallet.

Until then?  STFU.  And get a damn life, already.



fmcgmccllc said...

You know, I will be the first to admit when the people with the outdoor cat moved in I was not happy. Until it chased all the rabbits away. Or did whatever to the rabbits.

This year my crocus were eaten the first day. I think the cat died.

rockygrace said...

The croci croaked the cat? Yikes.

fmcgmccllc said...

No the rabbits eat the croci, have rabbits means the cat is gone.

rockygrace said...

Got it. Time for another cat!