Tuesday, May 19, 2015

One more week ...

This weekend, Honey and the babies will be moving on.

The babies will be eight weeks old, and are done nursing for all intents and purposes.  Oh, they still enjoy the occasional trip to the Milk Bar, but once Honey went into heat and became less interested in her little minions, they mostly weaned themselves.  Which is kind of amazing, since I've had kittens in the past who were STILL nursing at SIXTEEN weeks!  These guys?  Nope, they're good, thanks.

One of the babies has already been spoken for (can you guess which one? I'll bet you can ...), and now that all of them are "of age", the family will be going to the rescue's adoption facility, where Mama can be spayed, the babies can start their vaccination series, and the two who have not yet been claimed can find their permafamilies.

Will I miss them?  Oh, yes I will!  But!  Another reason they are moving on is to make room for this:

Meet Brooke.  Brooke, who was found by the side of a highway in a neighboring town.  Brooke, and her as-yet-to-be-determined number of due-any-day kittens.  (Judging by that photo, I'd say there's a few. *cough*) When I take Honey and her kittens to the rescue facility, I will be bringing Brooke back.

Can't wait to meet you, Brooke!

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